Hey everyone (: ! 
Are you a fan of K-POP? You’re not? Well! Go look up f(x) electric shock on YouTube because this song is SHOCKINGLY amazing. I EVEN MADE AN INSPIRED LOOK !(:  
This look was inspired by f(x)’s Amber! (: she’s one of my favourite singers/rappers! 

So, let’s start with the electric shock look(: 

1) line your eyes with a gel liner or a pencil liner. It’s up to you here. For beginners I’d recommend pencil because you have a lot more control. 

2) then taking a smudging brush or any type of brush you want, smudge the liner. *It’ll be a lot easier if you use pencil.

3) then re line your eyes to make it look sharper. But, because you smudged it earlier, it’ll also give it a nice soft touch to it(:

4) next, draw a thunder bolt to represent the electric. And it doesn’t have to be yellow .(: I just went with yellow. You can choose pink, purple, blue, red, any colour you’d like(:

5) last, apply mascara. You dont need to curl your lashes in this look because amber isn’t the type of girl who curls her lashes. 

So then after you’re done, you have completed the ELECTRĪC SHØCK eye makeup (: 
I hope you liked it! Please reblog, and like!

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